Q : How many Sonograms will I receive during my pregnancy?

A : Most Matlock patients will receive between 1-3 sonograms during a normal pregnancy depending on your risk factors, complications, etc. Some pregnancies may require more than three sonograms.


Q : Does Matlock offer 3D Sonograms?

A : No. Our patients are referred out for 3D Sonograms. Be aware that these are for entertainment only and are not usually covered by insurance.


Q : I have had lower abdominal pains particularly when walking since early pregnancy. What causes this?

A : Round ligament pains are very common in pregnancy and are caused by stretching of the support structures of the growing uterus. These pains are usually sharp pains and are worse when standing or walking. They are not associated with nausea, fevers, bleeding or contractions. Treatment consists of rest, a heating pad or pain relievers such as Tylenol. Do not use Motrin or other Aspirin products. Call your doctor if the pain is not relieved by these conservative measures or if other symptoms occur.


Q : How much alcohol is safe in pregnancy?

A : There is no safe level of alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Studies indicate that even moderate alcohol use can have effects on fetal growth and intelligence. If alcohol use is a problem for you, please tell your doctor or seek counseling.


Q : What drugs can I take during my pregnancy?

A : There are very few drugs that are proven safe in pregnancy and limiting your exposure to all medications is the safest policy. If you feel you need to take common medications, visit our pregnancy guide for our list of “safe meds” or ask your doctor.


Q : What is a PAP smear? Why do I need one?

A : The pap smear takes a sample of the outer surface and inner canal of the cervix to detect pre-cancerous changes in the cervix. Routine screening with the pap smear has helped reduce the death rate from cervical cancer by 74% . Performed properly, the error rate is under 5%. Pap smears can also detect herpes, human papilloma virus infections, and cervical dysplasia.